Brake Cleaner


This handy, portable cleaner is used to clean vehicle brake parts using an air supply and an aqueous solution to thoroughly clean and dry brake part components in an easy, safe and environmentally friendly way.

No need to continue to pay for costly disposal methods because using the PCWS brake cleaner means you can eliminate the use of aerosols which are dangerous for the environment and require a costly disposal method.

The upper ‘V’ shaped tray has been designed to catch overspray and run off whilst cleaning the brake parts and raises conveniently to the correct working height for safe and easy use.

The PCWS brake cleaner has also been designed with strong, lockable wheels for a totally portable cleaning system that can be used on any workshop surface.

• Height Adjustment to suit all needs
• Air operated machine providing safe operation in Hazardous Environments.
• Large ‘V’ shaped drip tray designed to contain all overspray
• Wash & Dry facilities – air knife for quick and efficient drying of parts
• Flow rate through the brush is completely adjustable for total control
• Strong, durable lockable wheels providing a totally mobile unit

Technical Data:
Machine size: (W) 590mm x (L) 650mm x (H) 1150mm
Machine weight: 30Kgs
Air Operated: 20 -80 Psi

Suitable for cleaning oily engine parts for automotive, rail care and aerospace industries
Suitable for cleaning machine parts in the engineering and manufacturing industries
Suitable for cleaning ink plates, rollers and machine components in the printing industries