PCWS Neutramec is a micro emulsion cleaner

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Neutramec is a micro emulsion cleaner which is pH neutral, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and able to work at a much lower temperature than traditional alkaline products. 

It has built in corrosion inhibitors which means it is safe on metals and other inorganic materials (stone etc) and is excellent at cleaning off oily residues and environmental pollutants (anything organic in the atmosphere).

Traditionally alkaline products used for overhaul engineering projects or ultrasonic bath cleaning work at around 60C, our product will work best at 30C and can work at room temperature.

This has a number of benefits - firstly it saves time in heating up water, second it saves energy which is a significant cost saving and environmental benefit, and thirdly it reduces the risk of chemicals being vapourised in to the atmosphere so it is safer for staff to use.

We also use it at a lower dilution rate than alkaline products - usually 2.5% compared to 10% for alkaline products - which means it goes further.